So what is it like to be a volunteer researcher on a trip like this? Terrific! What an amazing opportunity. We only found out that joining the journey would be possible a few weeks ago, but it didn’t take us long to sign up. We are not scientists of any kind, but love science and are dazzled by the work that so many scientists do at U.C. San Diego. This has been a truly extraordinary opportunity to see work in progress and to interact with the whole science team. And we had real work to do! Just say “Can I give you a hand?,” and trust me, they’ll put you to work! We were given tasks from the very beginning. We had the opportunity to help deploy and retrieve all the instruments used on the expedition, as well as collect and organize the specimens they collected.

Steve helping to prepare the Lander

Craig assisting with Deep Sound deployment

Erin attaching tagline to CTD

Stu collecting sediment core samples

Julia sorting specimens collected with the plankton net

It has truly been a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

-Julia, Craig, Erin, Steve and Stu


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