With the core cut and split between the research teams, our attention was moved to the recovery operation of the lander. The seas were very rough which made for a challenging operation. The captain did a fantastic job of guiding the Revelle.

Here you can see the size of the waves, the searchlight and the flag mounted on top of the lander. The seas were running some 15′ – 20′ swells. There were several sighs of relief when the lander finally came aboard! The canisters contained samples of the ocean bottom waters, and they were shuttled to the cold lab. We are all looking forward to seeing the images captured by the National Geographic camera.


3 Responses to Recovering the Lander during the Evening

  1. Meredith Caccese McConvill says:

    Amazed at how the crew can find something so small in high seas. Great work team!

  2. Richard Peoples says:

    Good job team thanks for the updates. Holding breath waiting to hear more.

  3. Swati says:

    really amazing , which place is this ?

scripps oceanography uc san diego