Chief Scientist, Rosa Leon, just completed a briefing to the entire science team, and the Revelle is completing its final checks before leaving Apia, Samoa. There is a great deal of excitement among everyone on board, and it looks like the group is ready to conduct important science over the next week. Stay tuned for pictures and blog postings that will bring alive the work taking place aboard the Revelle.

–Stuart Krantz


2 Responses to Science Team Is Aboard The Revelle And Ready To Leave Apia, Samoa

  1. Mer says:

    So excited for all onboard! Looking forward to many more updates and pics! Safe travels.

  2. Liora,Ellie,Ariella,Lia says:

    this sounds like sooooo much fun!!!!! We are looking forward to seeing all of the awesome photos. We wish we were there :)

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