SEA Days: Ocean Love

by Lisa Gilfillan, education specialist

Every month, the third Saturday is a special day at Birch Aquarium: SEA Days! As the tagline suggests, SEA Days are always full of  “Science, Exploration and Adventure.” Visitors and members can meet a Scripps Institution of Oceanography or UC San Diego researcher and get hands-on […]

New Nautilus Eggs

By Fernando Nosratpour, aquarium co-curator

Great news: Our nautilus has begun laying eggs!

This is second time in aquarium history that our nautilus (Nautilus pompilius) has laid eggs; it laid about two-dozen eggs in 2009, although none were viable (not uncommon for these animals in aquariums).

This time, we’ve found four egg cases and hope to […]

Wolf-Eel Update: Now on Display

Wolf-eels on display

Wolf-eels on display

Our baby wolf-eels are now two months old and doing great!

Several are on display in Tank 9-D near the jellies. We’ve also begun sending some to other aquariums.

At this time, there are 24 on display.  That number will be reduced as they grow. We’re also […]

Amazing Wolf-Eel Egg Photos

Peter Kragh, a professional photographer/videographer, went behind the scenes to photograph the hatching of our wolf-eel eggs.

Check out these photos. They are simply stunning.


Wolf-Eel Eggs Are Hatching

It’s been an exciting few days at Birch Aquarium at Scripps. Our baby wolf-eels are hatching!

Our aquarists have so far collected about 250 wolf-eels from the mass of eggs, with another few hundred expected to hatch over the next two weeks. The tiny fish are born brownish-pink, about 1 1/2 inches in length. They […]

Update: Wolf-eel eggs at Week 12

Our wolf-eel eggs are about a week away from hatching. Look at how big they’ve grown! It can take up to two weeks for all the eggs to hatch once the main hatching begins. Our aquarists are standing by.


Wolf-Eel Update: Week 10

Caring for our wolf-eel eggs is an ongoing process.

Check out the pictures below of the eggs at Week 10, as well a video taken a few weeks ago of Aquarist Mark Ball making sure the eggs are thriving. He will do this every Wednesday morning until the eggs hatch, which we estimate will be […]

A Swell Welcoming

Feeling shy: The newly hatched swell shark hangs out in the back corner of its nursery tank.

Say hello to a new member of our fish family. A swell shark has hatched in our aquarium nursery!

The baby shark, which measures about six inches long, spent 10 months growing inside a flat, leathery egg […]

Update: Wolf-eel Eggs

Our wolf-eel eggs continue to thrive. Each week, our aquarists take photos of the developing eggs to track their development.

Week 5: Note the long tail running just below and to the left of the yolk. You can also see a pair of blood vessels that fork out from below the head toward the perimeter […]

New Eggs from ‘Alien Elders’

By Nigella Hillgarth, executive director

The wolf-eels at Birch Aquarium at Scripps laid eggs this month! This is an unusual and exciting occurrence by a really remarkable fish.

We kept the eggs on display with their parents for a few weeks but have since taken them away for safekeeping. The eggs are behind the scenes, […]