Packing in with the Sardines

Birch Aquarium at Scripps aquarist Jeremy Lord dives in the 2,000-gallon sardine tank to clean algae off the glass.

Your first memory of sardines may be from playing the game as a kid. This version of hide-and-seek makes players hide in a small space together, packed like sardines in a can.

At Birch Aquarium at […]

What does an aquarium curator do?

Did you know that Birch Aquarium at Scripps is part of UC San Diego? Check out this video of our lead aquarist Fernando Nosratpour, who was featured in a segment called “People Who Work Here” on UCSD@50, a program on UCSD-TV.

Fast forward to 10:46 to see Fernando.


Marriage Proposal Under the Sea

Love was in the…well, water…at Birch Aquarium today.

U.S. Navy Chief Warrant Officer Scott Mielock made a splash during our Kelp Tank Dive Show when he proposed to his girlfriend, Heidi Brueggeman. Near the end of the show, our divers unveiled an underwater sign that asked Heidi if she would marry Scott. She said yes!