Aquarium Internships Inspire Future Careers

This post was written by Natalia Romero, a student from High Tech High School, who interned with Birch Aquarium’s Education Department for three weeks.

High Tech High School Intern, Natalia Romero, had the opportunity to teach visitors about marine science at weekly Explore-It activities.

Being an intern at Birch Aquarium was an experience like no [...]

Love is in the Water

By Naturalist Alexx Robles

Alexx Robles attended the University of California, Los Angeles, and majored in Environmental Studies with a minor in Geology. When not whale watching or teaching classes at Birch Aquarium, she likes to spend her time surfing, practicing yoga, or hiking.

Last week, while aboard Flagship Cruises & Events’ Marietta, we had the opportunity [...]

Whale Watching: Always a Surprise

By Birch Aquarium Naturalist Kate Jirik

Birch Aquarium at Scripps and Flagship Cruises & Events are celebrating 15 years as whale watching tour partners. You would think we’d seen it all, but gray whales continue to surprise us.

We are just a month into the gray whale watching season, and we already have some exciting notes [...]

Explore More of the Shore: Tidepooling Tips

By Danny Beckwith, education specialist 

Winter in California is a great time to explore a unique place where the ocean meets the land–tide pools. Tide pools are an incredible ecosystem where animals and other organisms have adapted to a life of crashing waves, constantly changing water levels, exposure to sun, and potentially dry conditions.


Tide pools [...]

‘Tis the Season for Gray Whales

By Audrey Evans, whale watching coordinator

Earlier this December, Birch Aquarium’s team of naturalists and volunteers attended their pre-season meetings, training sessions, and lectures. As they brushed up on current whale research and shared experiences from past seasons, both experienced and new whale watchers began preparations for an exciting new season. Birch Aquarium is proud [...]

Dolphin Sightings Delight Whale Watchers

By Birch Aquarium naturalist Danielle Carter

Birch Aquarium is just past the halfway point of our 14th season of whale watching in partnership with Flagship Cruises & Events. So far, it’s been an incredible season, with over 400 whales spotted, including tiny calves and numerous breaches!

Photo by Marsha MacWillie.

But gray whales are [...]

Diego Goes Whale Watching with Birch Aquarium

EDITOR’S NOTE: Diego Cicero is a High Tech High Media Arts student who recently participated in a month-long internship at Birch Aquarium at Scripps. The program is designed to foster personal growth and help students acquire workplace skills in a real-world environment. Diego assisted the aquarium’s education programs and blogged about his experiences.

By Diego [...]

San Diego Whale Watching Off to a Great Start

By Birch Aquarium naturalist Bekah Logan

Photo by Carol Rager visiting from Maupin, Oregon.

This is shaping up to be another fabulous San Diego whale watching season with Birch Aquarium and Flagship Cruises & Events. Calm seas and sunny days have been consistent, and wildlife sightings have been abundant. In the two [...]

Whale Watching Season is Here!

By Audrey Evans, Whale Watching Coordinator

How many miles have you traveled in 2013? 100? 1000? 5000? How about 10,000? That’s how far an Eastern Gray Whale travels each year on average. Without the aid of planes, trains, or cars – just whale tail power – these travelers make their annual round-trip trek from [...]

How Gray Whale Calves Learn to Feed

Gray whales are on the return leg of their annual migration, heading from Baja California’s breeding lagoons to the Bering and Chukchi seas in the Arctic. Map source: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

A whimsical welcome letter to gray whale calves from the imagined “Bering & Chukchi Seas Dining Services.”

May 2013

Dear Gray Whale Calf,