Volunteers Are Solid Gold

Volunteers are vital to Birch Aquarium’s mission. We could not open our doors each day without them.

In the past 12 months, our 400+ volunteers have given the aquarium more than 33,800 hours of their time, a figure valued at more than $383,700. Now, that’s dedication.

Each summer, we attempt to express our gratitude with a special Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. This year’s theme was “Volunteers Are Solid Gold” and featured Summer Olympics flare.

Highlights: A double-decker bus, Olympic “games” in the front courtyard (hula hooping counts, right?), and a staff flash mob to “Eye of the Tiger.” Check out the photos and videos below.

Volunteers, on behalf of our entire staff, thank you!!

Double Decker Bus

London Olympics

We love you, volunteers!

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