More Photos: Underwater Parks Day Photo Contest

With all the amazing submissions to this year’s Underwater Parks Day Photo Contest, we couldn’t help but post a few more of our favorites to share. Thanks again to all the wonderful photographers who submitted these images.

Juvenile Rockfish in Washington Clam by Herb Gruenhagen (La Jolla Canyon)


Calamari for Two by Linda Chaipat (La Jolla Shores)


They Come Out at Night – Sarcastic Fringehead by Ed Campbell (La Jolla Shores, East Canyon Wall)


Capturing the Moment by Emily Dinnerman ( Scripps Beach)


Jail Break! by Chanel Hason (Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia)


Two Giant Black Sea Bass by Dan Harding (Channel Island National Park in the Anacapa Island State Marine Reserve)

Bay Ray Flats by Michael Zeigler (Laguna Beach SMR)


Wreck of the Lucinda Van Valkenburg by Tane Casserley (Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary)

See the winning photos. 

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