California Coastal Cleanup Day

Volunteers clean up La Jolla Shores, one of the most active beaches in San Diego.

Birch Aquarium staff and more than 150 volunteers gathered last Saturday to clean up La Jolla Shores, joining an estimated 8,000 San Diegans who participated countywide in the 27th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day.

During the day, each volunteer tracked the type and number of items found on local beaches, coasts, and other waterways. The data will be compiled and submitted to the California Coastal Commission and Ocean Conservancy to support legislation related to marine debris.

Here’s what we found just on La Jolla Shores:

  • 1,213 cigarettes
  • 32 articles of clothing including shoes, hats and socks
  • 284 food wrappers
  • 77 plastic bags
  • 76 balloons

In an effort to minimize trash generated as part of this year’s event, many volunteers brought their own reusable cleanup supplies, including buckets and work gloves. A few younger volunteers arrived with some pretty fancy buckets as part of the “Decorate your Bucket” contest. Participating Girl Scout groups were some of our favorites.

Please consider joining Birch Aquarium at next year’s California Coastal Cleanup Day. In the meantime, remember that every day is a good day for a beach cleanup!

Volunteers brought their own buckets to help reduce trash.

Some of the volunteers at this year's La Jolla Shores cleanup.

3 comments to California Coastal Cleanup Day

  • Cam

    It’s truly disgraceful how much rubbish and garbage is found no matter where and when a beach clean-up is done. Considering how wonderful and amazing it is to take my young kids to the beach for an awesome day, I just can’t stand how we treat such a beautiful area. I think that people believe the tide is just a big cleaner taking away all the rubbish and waste to a mystery place. Sadly however, it kills wildlife, pollutes our waterways and oceans and often just ends back on the shore. Thanks for the cleaning efforts!

  • It was truly a great day for a great cause which interrupted my mini-vacation to San Diego, but in a fulfilling way. Fantastic, caring people were at the clean-up, and it felt like we sacrificed for the good of all. Wonderful experience.

  • Karenina

    Hi I just heard about coastal clean up day does anyone know when the next big event will take place?

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