Amazing Wolf-Eel Egg Photos

Peter Kragh, a professional photographer/videographer, went behind the scenes to photograph the hatching of our wolf-eel eggs.

Check out these photos. They are simply stunning.

8 comments to Amazing Wolf-Eel Egg Photos

  • Peter made some really great pictures. Can to tell me something about the camera and lenses you have used for these photos?

  • Jacqueline

    That is really amazing. i wish i could see the eggs hatch. i went there on may 20th and saw some Wolf Eels

  • Andrew

    Why is it called the wolf eel,
    I have a fasination with the wolf sociology and am wondering if these eels hunt in the same fassion or if they live in similar ways as various wolves.

    • They’re called wolf-eels because of their prominent canine-like teeth. Even though these teeth resemble the canine teeth of wolves (and dogs), they are actually molars that are used to crush their diet of crabs, mussels, and even sea urchins, which they will consume spines and all. They are not gregarious animals as wolves are, rather they co-habit as mated pairs only and the male of the pair will aggressively defend their territory (cave) against other wolf-eels.

  • TFB

    That is really amazing. i wish i could see the eggs hatch. i went there on may 20th and saw some Wolf Eels

  • The baby eel looks rather cute with a distinct black ring around the eyes.
    What are their chance of survival upon hatching?

  • Jeanne Bleahu

    Very interesting, but I am still waiting to hear back from someone about an extended whale watching trip to the Baja in Feb 2015. In order for me to publicize, promote and sign up participants to go on this trip, I need a minimum 6 months. I can assemble a group of at least 20 seniors who are anxious to go. Some of whom have been on such a trip before. Please contact me with information. We are in the San Diego area and would prefer a bus trip down to the Baja.

    Our group is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers and enjoy nature type trips in the Southern California area. Thank you.

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