Scripps researchers are trying to solve the most important environmental challenges facing our planet. Their first step is to understand those challenges.

The strength of the Keeling Curve record of rising carbon dioxide levels in the world’s skies lies in its longevity and high quality. Now, more than ever, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego needs the help of the public to support Keeling Curve observations and the discoveries that come from those observations. Your donation to the Scripps CO2 Program helps ensure that regardless of unpredictable government funding, these vital Keeling Curve measurements will continue without interruption.

The Keeling Curve has unrivaled status as an icon of the human imprint on the planet. Altering the trajectory of the Keeling Curve by slowing down greenhouse gas emissions will be a key marker of our success in protecting future generations from the worst effects of climate instability. Society may first come to know that its efforts to slow global warming are paying off when measurements taken at Mauna Loa and its companion stations reveal that the Keeling Curve is no longer rising, but, at last, falling.

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