• Another Innovative IGERT Idea

    Posted on November 5th, 2009 jill 2 comments
    YouTube video link

    YouTube video link

    Here’s another entry in the YPO-Scripps Innovation Challenge from a group of CMBC students.  The challenge encourages creative solutions to environmental problems and builds partnerships between business leaders and scientists.

    We believe that the simplest ideas hold the most promise.  In developing nations, artisanal fisheries are important sources of both food and jobs.  However, when they’re not well-managed, small-scale fisheries can lead to problems for communities and for the environment.

    We think that the solution to this problem already exists.  We just need the resources and expertise to put the tools into action.

  • Join the IGERT team!

    Posted on October 30th, 2009 emily No comments

    Sproul_CMBC_summer08Good news, graduate-school-applying friends!  You’ve found a great potential home for your awesome interdisciplinary self–  The IGERT program in Global Change, Marine Ecosystems and Society is now accepting fellowship applications!

    The main goal of the IGERT program is to get people talking with one another across disciplines to solve complex problems.  And this is more than the occasional beer you might have with that guy in the anthropology department.  Truly, the IGERT program aims to have students tackle issues from all sides through increasing each student’s knowledge-base, interdisciplinary training and experience, and collaborations.  The faculty under the IGERT umbrella are an incredible bunch.  It’s hard to not enjoy watching Dick Norris get the twinkle in his eye when discussing the strata lining Black’s Beach, listening to Naomi Oreskes on a roll about the misinformation campaign for global warming, or talking with Ted Groves about the economics of turtle conservation.  Plus, one of the coolest parts of CMBC is the student body.  I know I speak for others when I say that my fellow CMBCers and Scrippsonians have been essential to my growth as a student and scientist over the past year.  To mention study groups, mentoring in the lab, international training underwater, and long discussions over coffee would not even begin to describe this support.

    Check out the blog for profiles of past and present CMBCers to get a sense for this incredible student body and the work coming out of CMBC.  But in the end, you just need to apply and join in!