• CMBC Grads making Waves

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    We once again take a few minutes to follow some of our CMBC graduates as they make a difference in the world of marine science


    STEPHANIE NEHASILSTEPHANIE NEHASIL (MAS-MBC 2010) has received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship award and was admitted as a PhD student into the UCSD Department of Biology.  She will be working with the Kurle lab and NOAA SWFSC on how environmental variability drives predator-prey dynamics in the California Current Ecosystem.







    ERENDIRA ACEVES (MAS-MBC 2009ERENDIRA ACEVES (MAS-MBC 2009) has completed her Ph.D. at the Bren School(UCSB) working on the ecological and social impacts of Gulf of California Pelagic Fisheries. Focusing primarily on artisanal fisheries, her research seeks to understand the social and ecological consequences of different spatial management tools to inform policy-making.











    JENNIFER MCWHORTER (MAS-MBC - 2014)JENNIFER MCWHORTER (MAS-MBC – 2014) is featured in this 13 minute clip about what she does as Public Relations Coordinator for the Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP) and the Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCOOS).

    “In my current position, I communicate various applications of oceanographic data observations to a broad audience of stakeholders. My time is split between the Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP) and the Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCCOOS) both of which focus on applied science. CDIP owns and operates a network of 65 wave buoys around the entire U.S. including the Puerto Rico, Guam, the Marshall Island, Palau and American Samoa. ”


  • CMBC Alumni Making Waves

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    As a new feature to the CMBC blog “A view from the pier”, we want to take a little time and highlight some of our CMBC graduates and the amazing work they are doing as they help shape the future of our oceans.

    In our first installment, we feature AMBER JACKSON & EMILY CALLAHAN (MAS-MBC 2014), who are currently being profiled in Scripps Explorations Now. They co-founded  Blue Latitudes, an organization that uses scientific research to form a comprehensive study of the ecological, socio-economic, and advocacy issues surrounding California’s Rigs-to-Reefs law and program while providing neutral and scientifically based consulting services to various clients. Working with gas and oil companies and environmental groups, their goals include the assessment of existing structures and determining whether they are good candidates for Rigs-to-Reefs conversion. Supporting unique ecosystems with previously unmeasured economic potential, Blue Latitudes is helping determine the future of these oil rigs that are nearing the end of their service lives. All told, some pretty cool and relevant work that may have a big impact on the nearshore waters of the Southern California Bight.

    Enjoy an amazing look at the prolific and unique marine life that exists under the platforms.