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    Meet the bloggers: Kate, Chris, Emily, and Maria.

    DCIM100GOPROKate Furby is a doctoral student at Scripps officially studying coral reef ecology and unofficially studying how to excite people with science. If she’s not underwater or analyzing data, she’s crafting the next story to tell.


    Chris Knight is a CMBC MAS graduate currently working as a marine ecologist in the Los Angeles area. When he’s not spending his time under the kelp canopy, he’s keeping an eye on and writing about all things marine.

    Emily Kelly is a doctoral student at Scripps who currently spends her time with invasive algae, herbivorous fish, and small invertebrates.  True to the CMBC mission and her Washington, DC roots, Emily is always excited by the intersection of science and policy.

    Maria de Oca is a “la Caixa” Fellow from Spain. Presently, she combines her master’s studies at Scripps with an internship at the National Geographic Society in film production.