• Sea Level Rising. California’s Beaches Going. Communities Reacting.

    Posted on January 19th, 2011 Chris Knight No comments

    Recently the LA Times ran an article about  the city of Ventura reacting to sea level rise as a result of climate change. With the encroachment of Pacific waters on the local shoreline such as at Surfers Point, Ventura officials have been forced to react by taking out crumbling bike paths  and eroding parking lots while offsetting diminishing beaches by laying down sand. In moves that were foreshadowed by the city of San Diego in their 2050 report, California’s coastal communities are being forced to take a serious look at the implications of a potential 2 meter rise of our local waters. To get a more detailed look at some of the serious problems facing our state, I’ve attached below an interview with one of the authors of the 2050 report, Scripps Oceanographer and Meteorologist Dan Cayan.  He offers a detailed look at the state-wide scale of the problem and some of the possible ways to overt the most catastrophic impacts.

    Dan Cayan Video Interview

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