• Catch-Shares for West Coast Fisheries

    Posted on January 5th, 2011 Chris Knight No comments

    With the new year, comes news of big changes for fish on the Pacific Coast. In an attempt to make  fisheries more sustainable, National Fisheries Service officials are taking the steps to better manage a variety of species through the implementation of a catch-share system. Starting this January, local fishermen will for the first time own shares of respective fisheries based on predetermined annual limits. These shares will be transferable  and should give the fishers more flexibility and reduce the incidence of by-catch dramatically. Currently used in managing multiple fisheries in Alaska, fishermen there have seen the value of their catches go up as these better management practices took hold. The plan is not without controversy however as there are predictions by some fishers of contraction within the industry as well as fears of market place manipulation. The first lawsuits have already been filed. That being said, scientists/managers and many fishermen are looking at this as a chance to truly make fisheries on the West Coast sustainable.

    Here is a radio interview from NPR with interviews from a variety of participants:

    NPR Interview

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