• New Marine Protected Areas for Southern California

    Posted on December 17th, 2010 Chris Knight No comments

    On Wednesday of this week, the California Fish and Game Commission voted 3-2 to ban or restrict fishing in 49 newly created reserves on the Southern California coast. As part of the ongoing Marine Life Protection act, final approval was given to sanctuaries that will amount to roughly 15% of local waters in the attempt to replenish damaged stocks while protecting the unique kelp ecosystems for future generations to enjoy and benefit from. This delicate balance between conservation and utilization of the resource has led to a statewide network of reserves that is expected to go fully online by 2012.

    To say it’s been a contentious process is a bit of an understatement. Below are links to both the LA Time and Sand Diego Union-Tribune. Make sure to read the comments after the pieces to get an idea just how deep the emotions run. That being said, the hard work of all those involved has once again shown the commitment of Californians trying to protect our state’s marine resources. It’s not just a good day to be a fish in California. It’s also a proud day for all Californian’s to be a part of unique and important process.

    LA Times Article

    San Diego U-T Article

  • The Oceans’ SOS

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    In today’s Los Angeles Times, an environmental warning shot was fired across the bows of L.A. readers by¬† Scripps’ own Tony Haymet and Andrew Dickson. In the editorial section, the 2 esteemed Dr’s took time to discuss the need to pay more attention to damage caused to the world’s oceans by increased acidification due to more and more man-made carbon dioxide being absorbed by them.

    This is one of those issues that is readily discussed by those in the field of science but that is being neglected by both policy makers and the general public. Please take a moment to read about why” it’s time we paid respect to our great communal resource and stopped using it as a dump.”

    The Oceans’ SOS at the Los Angeles Times