• Student-led cruise heading out today!

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    Here’s a note from Mindi Summers, 2nd year SIO student and head of the student-led cruise that hits the water today.  Check-in periodically for updates both here and the cruise website.

    Cal-Echoes is a nine-day graduate student led cruise where we’ll be
    investigating sediments, microbes, zooplankton, benthic invertebrates,
    mid-water fish, and squid to better understand the biology and
    chemistry of the California Coast today as well as in the past.  We’ll
    be using a wide variety of the oceanographic equipment, including
    techniques and tools designed especially for this cruise.

    As part of the expedition, we’re hoping to be able to share the
    process of science and how much fun it is with teachers and
    classrooms. We are bringing 7 educations with us to develop daily
    themes with short videos, lesson plans, and photographic collections
    of all the samples we collect.  All of our work is being hosted by the
    National Marine Educators Association, Deep Sea Academy, and UCSD
    Science Bridge.

    It would be wonderful if you would like to follow us or send along
    what we’re doing to any educators that you might know.

    The best place to follow our adventure is the CalEchoes blog:

    We also have a website: http://calechoes.ucsd.edu/index.html and will
    be updating to Facebook and Twitter.

  • Journey to Shark Eden… with SIO scientists!

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    Hi, all-  Check out National Geographic Channel tonight for a special SIO / CMBC treat!  Jennifer Smith, Stuart Sandin, Nichole Price, and Brian Zgliczynski from CMBC / SIO with colleagues from SDSU including Forest Rohwer, Liz Dinsdale, and Katie Barrot will be featured tonight on NatGeo’s “Journey to Shark Eden”.  This show was filmed on the Southern Line Islands cruise last year and includes great reef footage from remote locations, coverage of some of the research folks were doing on the cruise, and, of course, great ominous music whenever a shark appears on screen…