• Crocs

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    (Photograph by Bruno Calendini, Biosphoto)

    240 million years ago the ancestors of modern crocodilians appeared on Earth. Some of them managed to survive the cataclysm of the Triassic and diversified into the modern crocodilians. These made their appearance about 80 million years ago. Even though they managed to survive the Cretaceous-Tertiary massive extinction and that crocodilian conservation measures have managed to reduce illegal hunting for their skins, we are not sure that they will be able to survive the threat of habitat reduction imposed by us, humans. John Thorbjarnarson of the Wildlife Conservation Society declared to National Geographic Magazine, “whereas 20 years ago there may have been 15 or 20 species that were listed as endangered, now there are really only seven, all reflecting the loss of their habitat.”

    Discover more about this story and view more impressive croc visuals in the November 2009 issue of the National Geographic Magazine!

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